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Erin was born in the Midwest to very patient parents, and grew up with one slightly less tolerant brother. She learned the value of hard work growing up on a dairy farm and has loved tractors, animals, pastoral scenes and obnoxiously loud trucks ever since.

She valiantly resisted learning to read until the second grade, much to her mother's consternation. When the switch flipped she began devouring everything she could get her hands on, and the greatest source of punishment was to confiscate her books.

After a tertiary education and marriage, Erin and her husband moved to NYC, where they lived for ten years. There they had children and in addition to gaining "work experience," began collecting an assortment of accidental and on-purpose pets.


Packing up the kids, the house and the pets, they relocated to central Florida for her husband's work. There they bought a ramshackle foreclosure the family spent five years fixing up, with the running joke "We'll finish the master bathroom and the house will be perfect--glorious! And then we'll move."


Two weeks after finishing the final project, the gut renovation of the master bathroom, her family did indeed pick up and move again. (Some would call that ironic, but Erin calls it prophetic and has learned to keep her mouth shut.)


Now living in the Metro D.C. area, Erin is a huge fan of grocery delivery services, the National Gallery of Art, every library and bookstore she's ever seen, and she adores nothing more than a happy ending. 

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